Our Process

Session wine (aka vin de soif, aka glou-glou) is a lighter, lower alcohol style of thirst-quenching wine long enjoyed on laid-back days along the Mediterranean coast. It’s an old-school type of winemaking made for joy and refreshment, where grapes are harvested early in the season when they are young, bright and delicious. 

Starting with grapes from the Yolo County in Northern California, we combine traditional wine-making with novel techniques, such as low sugar varietals and ultra-slow carbonation, to craft unique low alcohol sparklers that deliver tantalizing flavor without added sugar, juice, or additives. The result is an aromatic, crushable wine unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Our Story

Summerlong is proud to continue the centuries old tradition of making vin de soif (‘wines of thirst’) or glou-glou wines, whose focus is not age-ability but rather enjoyment and refreshment, with the introduction of the first-ever American session wine.  All around the Mediterranean bottles of these bright, delicious wines are generously served with platters of food or small bites, shared at multi-generational gatherings, and enjoyed as an alternative to beer.

Key to their appeal and versatility is their drinkability or glou-glou (‘glug glug’) nature. Characterized by a naturally lower alcohol level and light, refreshing fizz, session wines are sadly less known in the U.S. By comparison traditional wine is sometimes too serious, beer too bloating, cocktails too boozy, and hard seltzers too basic. Once you taste our session wines it’s really all you’ll want to drink.

Il Dolce Far Niente (‘the sweetness of doing nothing’) is our philosophy, and guides our focus on the here and now, our appreciation for the things that often go overlooked, and our love of unplanned time with family & friends.